Just two days after welcome16 dogs, today we reopen the doors to 9 greyhounds and a hound. We don´t know nothing about his past, but we don’t care so much. We care about their future and give them the best to each of them. Now, let their eyes hypnotize you … and then … Are you decided to give them a chance?
You can collaborate with us in the following ways:
• Determined to give them an opportunity ?
• You can sponsor to help the animal of your choice and do more bearable his stay.
From € 12
• You can become a member and you will help us in exchange for advantages and great discounts on our services. From € 70 to choose in 1,2 or 3 installments
• Make a one-time donation for the amount you choose
• Or for only € 1 PER MONTH:

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