A few days ago one of our little girls started to show a very low mood.

We took her to our hospital for observation, did some tests and put her on treatment. However, far from getting better, she started to feel worse and worse, and just a week ago, and at this very hour, we had to operate her urgently. Our vet was about to operate her, but our friends from Vehra who were still in the operating room offered to help us and to perform the emergency surgery. After the surgery, she needed to be under observation for 24 hours and we were forced to hospitalise her in an external hospital.

For a moment we thought we were going to have to say goodbye to her too, but today after several days in stable condition, Dragona is back with us!

She is stable, with appetite and in general much better!

Now after seeing her we can finally breathe easy. Now we just need to give her lots of cuddles! 🥰

Help us to continue saving lives 🙏🏼

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