Years and years leaving our skin rescuing and rehabilitating greyhounds and other dogs.
Years and years of sweat and tears. Of very hard moments.
Years of sacrifice to give the best and restore dignity to thousands of dogs that one day at some point was taken away.
To bring them back to life.
So that you, “adopter of 10”, come to our refuge like a luxury restaurant customer demanding a “perfect product”
Here is our menu. So you can choose a greyhound to your liking. So you can choose the greyhound that best looks with you in the photos. Or simply to give a good image, and show the world that you have done a great solidarity work helping a poor abused greyhound. Don’t try to make up for your deficiencies with an adoption.
We have not been saving lives for 20 years and leaving our skin so that you have a menu to choose A LA CARTE GREYHOUND. We do not work for that.
We have seen animals in more than sorry conditions. We have rescued them from wells. We have seen bullets inside their bodies, blood, fractures, wounds… We have seen them terrified in a corner as they pee on themselves other just by looking at us. And many of them have died in our hands, leaving our soul broken into a thousand pieces. No, we don’t work for that.
So don’t you dare choose a white greyhound “because you don’t like black colour”
Don’t you dare choose a female because of course she is going to be more sociable with other dogs.
Do not you dare ask for a puppy, because from puppyhood “you have the possibility to educate him as you want”
Do not demand a greyhound without scars when that greyhound has been the victim of cruel training that has forced him to run after a car, has fainted from overexertion, and has been dragged across the asphalt for miles.
Do not complain about the costs of adopting it when we rescue, rehabilitate, and maintain it costs us twice as much.
Do not you dare…
We don’t save just sociable white females.
We don’t just save adorable puppies. We save lives, because it is the only thing that matters.
And if you care about any of the options that we offer in “our menu” then we reserve the right of admission. So go away, because you have not understood anything …

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