A light of hope

We have called her Luz, and this is how you see it, this little galguita has come to us. It is still a puppy of only 6 months and it comes practically in the bones. She does not reach 11 kilos and is very suspicious of people, something we understand. Because what we don’t understand is how someone is capable of having an animal like this. To have a puppy like that. This morning we went to see her and it seems that she is feeling more secure. But it only comes to us if its companions accompany her, and if we try to caress her, she lowers her little head afraid … It breaks our souls to see an animal in this state, but this is the reality of thousands of greyhounds every day … .
Can you give us a paw to rehabilitate Luz?
You can:
• Donate the amount you want: https://fundacionbm.com/donaciones/
• Join our teaming for only € 1 PER MONTH: https://www.teaming.net/fundacionbenjaminmehnert?lang=es_ES
• SHARE to help her find family and to publicize the situation of Luz and the rest of the greyhounds.

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