A ray of light for Planeta

Planeta is a beautiful galga, a really striking galga because of her beauty, but with a handicap that makes her be invisible for a year and a half: she is a fearful galga.

She is about 7 years old, and although we don’t know anything about her past, because of her fear of people, we can guess that it must have been really hard…

We are looking for a family for her, but we are not going to deceive you, it is not an easy case. She is not going to come out to meet you when you get home. She’s going to spend long hours in a corner where she can still feel invisible. She’s not going to lie down with you on the sofa and give you licks of love, and we could say that her adoption is only for the bravest…

But just as we tell you that it is not easy, we also tell you that afterwards, they are the most rewarding adoptions, and to see them overcome their fear and trust you after all the ordeal they go through, is priceless.

Without a doubt, they are the most grateful dogs.

We do not believe that this is an adoption suitable only for the brave, but rather an adoption made from the heart. Because the true essence of adoption is to save a life, no matter how difficult it is. To bring them out of their darkness to show them that another life is possible.

Planeta deserves to know that another life is possible.

It won’t be easy, but we guarantee that the reward will be more than worth it.

• Adopt Planet: *To adopt from a Country other than Spain, consult the collaborating associations that make adoptions abroad possible.

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