Her name is Florinda and she is an adorable 11 year old granny. She was found and rescued from the streets where we assume that she has not had an easy life … Upon arrival we observed that her belly was larger than usual, and after a few tests our suspicions were confirmed, Florinda was pregnant. Her advanced state of pregnancy, in addition to her weak state of health, prevented us from being able to operate on her, so we couldn’t do more than wait for the moment to come … And 3 babies arrived, but sadly two of them passed away😢 Now Florinda is recovering with us while she works as a full-time mother with her little Florindito. And seeing how she takes care of her little baby is more than touching 🥰
With Florinda, there are already 5 moms with their babies that we are helping to get ahead.
Help us to continue saving lives,

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