After the beginning of the hunting season, we have seen how the number of greyhounds and other hunting dogs has increased at our center. Alida arrived just two days ago, coinciding with the first days of the season, and the first discards. We assume that a broken leg prevents her from continuing to hunt, so she is no longer valid, and her life has no value …
Here with us, she regains all his courage and begins a dignified life today.
We have offered her a bed full of blankets to make her stay more comfortable. We have provided her with quality food, the first caresses … And tomorrow she will be operated on to correct the fracture of her leg, and begin to live a normal life away from those who only appreciated her when her two legs ran at several kilometers per hour. . Alida is not a tool. Alida deserves the happiness that we are going to provide her here.
Welcome home little girl, the best awaits you!
Help us to continue saving lives,

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