An eternity in the clouds…

We all sensed what was going to happen and that is why we wanted to give her the best possible ending and one of our colleagues took her home.

“It was not possible, little one…

We tried everything, but you, living up to your name, wanted to fly high, up in the clouds…

You arrived recently, old and sick… and that’s why so many of us were so attentive to you. From minute one, you had already stolen our hearts.

You were always there, with your little pink coat curled up in your little bed, and always attentive and waiting for the little ball of food that we gave you with your medication.

But the cold took its toll.

Your little body became even more fragile.

And time is unforgiving…

We knew and I knew, even though I didn’t want to, that your time had come, but I refused to let you go without feeling the warmth of a home and a family that loves you.

And I knew that when the time came it would hurt hard, but I was unable to let you go in a cold cage.

You weighed just a few kilos, and there was still room on my sofa for one more.

It’s only been two days, but those two days you’ve been the queen of the house. You have slept next to me and in my arms. I’ve caressed you until I got bored, I’ve kissed every part of that fragile little body and I’ve whispered that I love you until I fell asleep.

Just two days, that was enough for you to show me your gratitude.

But you didn’t deserve just two days of happiness, Cloud. I wish I had taken you home with me sooner….

You don’t know how it hurts.

You don’t know how regret tortures me.

You deserved so much more than that…

It’s said that the important thing is never the length of time, but the quality of it, so at least a part of me is reassured to know that although it was a short time, those two days were perhaps the best of your life, and that time you were able to feel part of a family.

And above all, loved.

Very very loved.

It has been brief, but really intense little one.

And although you leave my soul broken and wrapped in tears mourning your loss, if time were to go back, I would not hesitate to do it again and take you back with me.

Perhaps I would even hug you even tighter.

How sad and how much love you leave me.

I am eternally left with your love in my heart.

To you my precious Cloud, all eternity in the Clouds….


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