A shelter is not the best place for a dog. But when we talk about an older dog, with all the more reason, a shelter is not an ideal place. Hilda is 7 years old and came to us a few days ago in a very bad state: extreme thinness, and wounds on both legs… she has treatment for her wounds and a special diet to gain some weight.
Thinking of finding a warm and quiet place for her, it occurred to us that she could not have a better companion than Carioca, another quite calm 7-year-old greyhound who also arrived a few weeks ago and is undergoing treatment to combat Ehrlichia (a disease caused by the sting of a tick)
So now both retired, they keep each other company as they look for a home to retire to and spend their last years knowing the true warmth and love of a family.
Willing to offer her the best years of her life?
Put a grandpa in your life!! 🥰

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