An opportunity for Valentín

There are times when we can’t say no, and this was one of them. Valentín is not a galgo, but he arrived at the kennel in this condition: with several wounds all over his body and one of his paws destroyed. At first glance it looks like just a big wound, but the truth is that he has no feeling and the injury, which goes beyond the wound, was completely irreversible. And with this prognosis, in the kennel, we all know what would have happened to him? So we didn’t care that he wasn’t a greyhound. And we also didn’t care that his profile would probably become one of the invisible ones. It didn’t matter, because his life is worth the same as that of any other breed of dog, and whenever it is possible and in our hands, we will help. Today Valentin has undergone surgery and has lost his paw…. He is starting a new stage, he is staying with us, and of course, he needs, like everyone else, a chance. Help us to recover Valentín 🙏🏼 • Sponsor: • Adopt: To adopt from a Country other than Spain, consult the collaborating associations that make adoptions abroad possible. • Donate: – Account number: IBAN ES54 2100 7719 2113 0001 6354 Bic: CAIXESBBXXX – Paypal:

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