She is 3 years old and the perfect girl to be our special dog this week.
In his past, Tiza belonged to a galguero who considered it a tool and did not hesitate to abandon her when he no longer needed it. We do not know if it was because of her age (since they are usually abandoned when they are between 2-3 years old) or because she fell ill with Leishmania, but the truth is that Tiza was wandering for several days in a town very close to us. And when she arrived, she was very ill. She spent several months in the hospital with us and we managed to stabilize her and control her Leishmania. With a treatment of a daily pill, Tiza makes life completely normal.
And what’s she like? Well Tiza is wonderful !! She is sociable, very affectionate, calm, gets along well with other dogs, loves to nap in the sun, and has a beautiful furry coat that makes her irresistible mustaches on her snout!
She deserves all the best and we are not going to stop until we see her happy in a family that gives her all the love and care she deserves!
Can you help us find a family for her? Please,
• ADOPT Tiza: fill in and send the adoption form on our website ⬇️⬇️

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