Anika’s special look

Anika’s special look
This beautiful galguita is called Anika and she came to us a few days ago. Her gaze was more than striking, and is that Anika had a previous problem in her right eye that was never treated. Because of this, her eye is larger than normal, and sight is not recoverable … Veterinarians tell us that she has infection and pain, and that the only solution is to perform surgery to remove the eye. We have been with her in her cage and we have observed that Anika hardly has any spirit at all. She didn’t come over to greet us, but she didn’t walk away when we approached. She just lay motionless on the ground, and completely apathetic. We caressed her for a long time, and the truth is that we were very sad to see her like this … She will soon undergo surgery, and we hope that after relieving that pain, she will begin to feel better and little by little she will recover her spirits.
Come on little girl, start a new life for you 😊
Anika, Colossus, Zoe, Risa´s Litter, Canal, Renee … They all need your help. Can you give us a paw 🐾?
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