Our little boy spends most of the time lying down resting due to joint pain. And he is always waiting in his little bed to receive us very happy! The latest analytics that came to us showed very high levels of Leishmania, so much so that the mark was off the chart … 😣 So it’s easy to understand why our little boy feels so tired …
Today that the day was somewhat cool, we encouraged him to go out a little, and stretch his legs, and in return for his effort, we have given him a lot of pampering and sweets! Then we have accompanied him back to his bed, and between kisses we have said goodbye to him, and we have left him peacefully rested. Bocelli is one of the most grateful dogs we have ever met, and together with some of his hospital friends, they give us unforgettable moments of tenderness that make us melt, and we feel completely fortunate to have them with us 🥰
They are the best, and that is why they deserve the best!
Can you help us get Bocelli back?
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