Bocelli update

Bocelli update
Our little boy was at the ophthalmologist a few days ago and we tell you what they have told us:
The inner part of Bocelli’s eye is healthy and unaffected, however, the outer part of the eye (retina, cornea …) is completely affected, so we are not guaranteed that Bocelli will be able to see again … At the moment they have sent us a new treatment for his eyes, and after a week of treatment he must return to the ophthalmologist to assess how it has evolved. He is still as happy as ever, looking for us every time he listens to us and reaching out to catch our attention and get cuddles. What he doesn’t know is that he always has our attention and is one of our favorites in the pampering cast. He deserves it more than anyone, and from now on we cross our fingers so that he has all the luck in the world and hopefully he can regain part of his sight …
Would you like to collaborate in his recovery?

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