Boys Boys Boys Boys!

Unbelievable. There is no other word…

Again, like every year, our friend the “mayor” Jörg Heyer and his wonderful team come to visit us to help us with maintenance work in our centre. 🛠🔧

Jorg, Bernd, Ferdinan Will, Harald, and Detlef have been working non-stop for a whole week: they have fixed doors that had fallen down due to the strong wind, holes between the cages in the shed that put the safety of our dogs at risk, removed trees, covered up holes in the ground, insulated roofs, and so on and so forth. Of course, there have also been moments of relaxation with our dogs, a lot of beer🍻, pizza 🍕 and laughter!

The enormous commitment of our friends and the great effort they make is to be admired. Dear friends: we take off our hats 🎩 to you and we shout out loud THANK YOU!!!

Come back soon, this is your home 🫶🏽❤️

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