Our little guy had a good time during his first days. He has quite an appetite, and he really wants to sleep, and now that he is calm he is taking the opportunity to rest as much as he can.
He sleeps curled up, and when he’s not sleeping, he spends his days curled up in the corner of his cage, head down and his gaze is still sad …
Brad is a bit shy, but we hope that with the days and with his improvement little by little, we will also see in him not only a physical change, but also a change in his character.
We can’t help but feel pity and tenderness for him at the same time …
We are going to do the impossible to get him to come out of that deep sadness, and we will not stop until we see in him a change in his look, for a look of hope.
You have touched our heart sweetie, we are all with you, and together we will achieve it!
Would you like to help Brad’s recovery?

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