Brad’s condition breaks our hearts …

Brad’s condition breaks our hearts …
He has been rescued in Huelva, and after spending the first night watched by a veterinarian, he has been brought to us.
He arrives in an advanced state of malnutrition and dehydration, so much so that he has spent several long minutes drinking without a break. In addition, Brad has leishmania, filaria, ehrlic, and a large skin infection.
His gaze has been engraved in our memory and it is that his eyes are capable of telling all the suffering that he has gone through …
However, we have called him Brad because he is a beautiful dog despite everything. And we unfortunately used to cases like these, we know that when he recovers he will be a spectacularly handsome greyhound.
He has already enjoyed his first bath, rich cans of food, liters and liters of water, and especially the first caresses and signs of love.
He is already with us. He is going to get ahead, and we are going to see in him a new miracle.
Remember these images, because in a few days, we assure you that Brad will be another dog …
Now Brad needs you. Please, he collaborates with us.

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