Brunita had begun to walk the path to the rainbow bridge…

Brunita had begun to walk the path to the rainbow bridge…
Her eyes were gone
Her weak little body could hardly take it anymore, but for a moment she leaned into our hand grateful for our caresses. For all the caresses we have given her since she arrived.
And she was grateful once again for the last caresses that would accompany her on her journey to the bridge…
The moment arrived.
And also the hardest of goodbyes…
We have kissed her little nose, already cold, and with a broken soul and tears in our eyes, we have told her that we loved her. It hurts us to think that perhaps no one had ever told her before…
And now we have to accept that you’re gone.
That you have left very soon, and you have not been able to see all the good things we had for you.
A family was already waiting for you.
So many good things.
And you were going to be so happy…
How unfair to have found you so late.
And how cruel was your fate always…
We wanted to save you, but ironically you saved us…
Making magic with that little body and those big eyes that looked at us with the purest love.
Touching each of the hearts of those who knew you. And also of those who were not so lucky to know you.
We will always remember you like this…
Little granny Bruna, rest in peace now.
Thanks for your love
Thank you for saving us.
We love you with all our soul…🖤

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