There are many of you who have worried about her since yesterday you saw the video of her where she was seen crying without consolation …
We thank you all, but we would also like to explain several things that seem to have been unclear.
Candelaria, THEY HAVE TAKEN OFF THE BABIES AND THEN THEY HAVE LEFT HER. Going to the place where she was found would be useless … And we tell you why:
The family that found her has been rescuing and sheltering animals for years, and they know the protocol in these cases well: a mother should never be taken if there is a slight suspicion that the babies could be near her. But the truth is that they weren’t … This family had never seen this greyhound before in the area. The neighbors had never ever seen that gauge in the area, NOBODY had ever seen that gauge in the area. Even so, they spent hours and hours looking for the puppies with her, and asking all of her neighbors even knowing that they were probably not going to find them …
They took her to a vet to check if she had a chip, and to be able to locate and ask the owner about the puppies, but Candelaria didn’t have a chip either … She had a rope around her neck (the typical rope used by hunters) that gave us a possible clue that Candelaria could come from a village and not from the area where she was found. This family could not help but bring her to our facilities once it was verified that there was no trace of the puppies anywhere …
Even so, the family, who heard her cry, could not get that image of her out of her head and from the first day they showed the intention to foster her and give her support and company to comfort her in her grief. Today they have come for her and now Candelaria is much calmer.
If a litter of orphaned puppies had come to us, we would have tried, but the truth is that it has not been like that, and we also knew that she was going to be accompanied by her very soon and her suffering was going to be alleviated.
As you can imagine, from the first day and after a veterinary check-up, Candelaria has been treated for mastitis, and now her host family will be in charge of recovering it with a lot of pampering in a house.
We thank you for the advice and of course the support and concern, but we want you to understand that in our more than 15 years working, unfortunately it is not the first time that we have faced a case like this and we know perfectly how we have to face it .
The denunciation of that video was once again THE EVIL OF THE HUMAN BEING, because the suffering of this galga has been generated by a soulless person who snatched the most valuable thing for her …
Once again, THANK YOU all, because with this, you have shown us that more and more, there is a greater rejection of animal abuse, and more and more of you are supporting our hard daily struggle.
Today Candelaria will sleep in a warm bed tucked in by a family that has cared for her from the first moment.

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