Her condition is critical,
Casilda is very bad …
We keep it with serum, because only food is insufficient. And sometimes she doesn’t want to eat, even though we are cooking delicious food for her …
Casilda is very weak, it is difficult for her to stand up, so she spends all the time lying down and her eyes are very very sad 😔
Our vets take her out several times during the day so she can do her little things outside, and in those moments she takes the opportunity to stretch her legs a bit but she is still shaking like the first day.
Casilda seems to have given up …
We are fighting for her, we are all very concerned and we try to give her all the love possible to encourage her to continue fighting.
Come on my girl, another better life is possible.
We promise to show you,
Promise us, that you will not give up …
Help us save her 🙏🏼

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