Chica’s “bad leg”

This little dog just came to us. And her story has touched our hearts … In her past, she had the misfortune to fall into a clamp that caught her, and broke her leg. We do not know if as a result of that, she was abandoned, but for months she has been wandering through a town in Seville with tremendous fear that has not facilitated her rescue. She only found comfort in a plot of the village where there were two other dogs with whom she felt less alone …
It was right there where they tried to rescue her, but because her fear, she dug a hole through which she escaped from them. Exhausted and hungry she finally entered a trap cage and that is how she was finally able to come to us. The prognosis for her paw is not looking good. We will do everything possible to save it, but we do not know if it will be possible to recover it. And with the fear of her we have a long way to go. Chica does not trust people and she has more than enough reasons … It’s ok little girl, you are safe. Believe it or not, we are here to help you. We will have a lot of patience. Welcome to your new home, we promise you will get out of it.
Would you like to help us get Chica back?

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