Cloti arrives with paralysis in her legs …

Cloti arrives with paralysis in her legs …
A galguero,
A paralyzed galgo
The sad story of Cloti,
The same old story…
She is about 9 years old. All her life she has lived with her galguero, and today her galguero gave her to us because Cloti cannot walk …
She has told us that some time ago, other dogs “beat him up” and that they hurt one of her paws. We do not know if it is a consequence of that, or it is for another reason, but Cloti does not have mobility in her hind legs. She has arrived infested with fleas and bugs, but she apparently she did not seem at all poorly cared for …
And she, she is pure love 😍
She has been looking for caresses all the time and without a single bad gesture during her first medical examination.
We have carried out several x-rays, and no fracture seems to be seen in her, so we are going to do an MRI, and some more tests that can specify because she cannot walk …
She will need more evidence.
And quite possibly rehab.
We need you more than ever. Please, she collaborates with us 🙏🏼

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