We have already carried out the necessary tests on our precious Cloti and the truth is that we do not have very good news …
Cloti has a chronic and progressive spinal cyst. Under normal circumstances, a cyst of this type can compress the medulla by around 30%, and if it had been operated on in time, our Cloti could have had a chance to recover her legs. But the truth is that she has spent too much time with him, the cyst has grown, and now it compresses the spinal cord by 60%, hence our little girl has these difficulties walking.
Our veterinary team is evaluating all the options, as we can operate her, but the truth is that with hardly any guarantees that she will improve …
This is the sad story of our little girl. Had it been well cared for, her story could have been very different …😔
Let’s make the decision we make, we will always think about her well-being and of course we will not give up whatever happens 💪🏼
Cloti needs all the help possible 🙏🏼
Would you like to be part of her recovery?

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