Curiosities about greyhounds …

1. It is the fastest dog in the world and one of the fastest animals on the planet. They can reach speeds between 60 km / h and 69 km / h.
2. A running greyhound spends up to 75% of the time in the air.
3. Greyhounds have a higher number of red blood cells than any other breed of dog, which allows them to send more oxygen to their muscles and run faster.
4. The greyhound’s tail acts as a rudder while it is running.
5. They can detect objects that are more than 800 meters away!
6. Greyhounds have a range of vision of 270º, which means that greyhounds can detect objects behind themselves.
7. Their stereoscopic vision allows them to see moving objects better than those that are static.
8. There is an old belief that greyhounds are animals with high energy and need to be very active. The truth is that most can sleep up to 18 hours on average a day …
9. It is possibly the healthiest breed of dog in terms of the development of hereditary diseases or genetic predisposition.
10. Some greyhounds can sleep with their eyes open.
11. Greyhounds have the highest body temperature than any other breed of dog.
12. They have a universal blood group and thanks to that, they are sometimes used as donors to save the lives of other dogs.
13. Although it is hard to believe, they have a great ability to jump.
14. Most greyhounds have a hard time sitting directly on the ground or find it very uncomfortable, and if they do, they will always stay one finger off the ground, without touching you.
15. Today gray is the least common greyhound color because at one time, gray greyhounds were believed to be slower and run less than others, so no one wanted them.
16. In terms of temperament, greyhounds turn out to be extremely affectionate, delicate, relaxed and very obedient, surprising everyone who meets a greyhound for the first time.
17. Many famous people such as Cleopatra, Al Capone, Frank Sinatra, Leonard Nimoy and Henry VIII among others, have owned greyhounds throughout history.
18. Shakespeare mentions greyhounds in 11 of his plays.
19. Formerly, the greyhound was reserved only for nobles, aristocrats and of course royalty.
20. The greyhound dog breed is the only one named in the Bible.

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