Dear Santa Claus…

This year we have do it very good. We have rescued 810 dogs and found home to 838 dogs. We have worked hard in the most complicated months of the pandemic, working only with half of the workforce and even so we have managed to get all our proteges forward. All donations are invested in their well-being because we always want the best for them. But this year, we are going to ask you for some things that are also necessary for the proper functioning of the foundation. They are simple gifts, of low economic value, but essential for all gears to continue working …
We need:
– 2 hair cutting machine ✔️
– 1 multifunction printer
– 1 Otoscope
– 2 air heaters for hospital ✔️
– 10 raincoats
– Leashes and harnesses for dogs (can be second hand)
– Stainless steel water buckets
– 20 small marker boards (a4 size) and markers
– Tent for our solidarity shop
– Furniture and shelves for our operating room (They have not been renewed for 10 years)
– 4 Compressors
– Several storage boxes
– Safety boots (check numbers)
– External ssd hard disk
– Ultrasonic cleaning machine for surgical material
We ask too that no dog suffer abuse anymore, that all those who remain with us find a home soon, and that those who have already left, know the greatest possible happiness!
We promise to be good again in 2021!
A hug,
Benjamin Mehnert Foundation
(IMPORTANT!: If you want to collaborate by giving us something from the list, send us a message indicating what gift you would like to give us, in order to update the list of gifts that are still pending)

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