-FBM: Dino why have you dressed so elegant?
-Dino: I’m trying to find a family that falls in love with me …
-FBM: But you are handsome, and loving, and sociable with other dogs … No need to wear a bow tie!
-Dino: but I’ve been going unnoticed for a long time and if I get handsome, I’ll get more attention!
-FBM: Ok Dino, we are going to make you look very handsome. And we promise you, this time we will do it !!
Dino is going to be 5 years old. He has an old elbow fracture, but he leads a normal life. He is one of our most loving hospital patients. Super good companion with others and he deserves a good home where he can rest and be happy. Whoever chooses him, may lose a sofa, but will gain a wonderful and faithful life partner❤
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