Dog with a shattered paw is rescued with his mother

Here at the foundation it is a difficult task not to fall in love with every dog ​​that arrives. And even more so, when dogs are so adorable.
Little Simba and his mother Sarabi were abandoned in the countryside, in a town in Seville. We don’t know what happened to the little boy, but the condition of his little leg when he arrived was lamentable. Our vets believe that something could have crushed his paw, and it also spent several days like this, so that part of the wound tissue had necrotized. We were at his cure yesterday, and we did not have much hope … Unfortunately he has lost some of his toes …
The good thing is that he is already safe, and also has the best company of all, that of his mother who does not leave him alone at any time. Watching them together, and watching Sarabi lick her puppy is absolutely heartwarming.
Our little one has a long way to go to recover, and while he does it with our pampering, and with mom’s pampering, we will start looking for the best family for them.
Would you like to help this beautiful family? ☺️

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