No to the Hunt is our cry.
And Empatia please, is joining to our cause once again.
Empathy, please is a supportive, vegan and ecological brand that was born with the intention of changing for a better world. Sara Caballería, an illustrator with great talent, created the brand, and with it collaborates and helps different charitable organizations.
We were lucky enough to collaborate with them before on a solidarity project, and now again, in their eagerness to help our greyhounds, they have created a precious solidarity collection under the motto “NO TO HUNTING” where 100% (Yes, 100%) of the profits from the sale will be fully allocated to our foundation!!!
Beautiful sweatshirts, beautiful t-shirts, beautiful tote bags, pencil cases… We want it all!!!😍
The hunting season has ended. And February a black month for greyhounds…
Now more than ever, MORE EMPATHY, PLEASE.
Take a look at the charity collection here:
PS: If you live in Italy or Germany and are interested in acquiring one of these solidarity products, contact us!

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