Endira’s dream

Endira’s dream
If you observe his gaze you will see a noble and pure soul, shyness, sadness and a little bit of hope.
If you look a little further, you will see all of the above and you will see that Endira is special …
But few of us would be able to realize just by looking at her gaze that what makes her special is that Endira is not a “pure” greyhound. And that is her sentence …
About to do two years with us, Endira seems to be invisible in the eyes of many, but our girl does not need to be pure to deserve the same opportunities as her companions. Endira is not exactly a fearful girl, but she is somewhat introverted so she needs a little time and patience. But in return she will give you the best of her. Those of us who know her, we assure you that she is simply wonderful, and that she has a lot of love ready to give.
That is her dream day after day, to find the person who is capable of seeing her with the eyes of the heart …
Help us find it! 🙏

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