Ferchi the little bear 🐻

Ferchi the little bear 🐻
The second of Felicia’s little ones is Ferchi. It is another beautiful, playful and big-eyed furry !! Another of the models who made it super easy for us in the photo session, and it is that he cannot be more handsome! 😍 Ferchi is male, he is two and a half months old and is a mongrel puppy. Because of their legs and the size of their mother, we assume that they will be large. He is looking for family, and we ask you to help us spread this beauty to see if we can make someone fall in love with him, and give him the opportunity he deserves!
If you want to give our little one a chance, fill out the following adoption form!
• Adopt: https: //fundacionbm.com/adopta/
• SHARE to help us find a family for him! 🙏

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