After a long day you head home, it is dark at night and you travel a dirt road without asphalt or lighting. Even so, there are a few hundred meters to get home and finally rest.
But you see an outline, a little lump in the middle of the road that doesn’t move. You stop the vehicle and open the driver’s door, then the figure rises slowly and with difficulty. He watches you from a few meters away and timidly moves his tail a little, you decide to get closer to see better but the little figure moves away making a curve and stands just behind your car. You continue to follow it little by little, but when you turn behind your vehicle it has disappeared. The situation and the accumulated fatigue do not help you understand what happened, so you decide to get back in the car.
And our friend Fernanda is already waiting for you inside. She timidly wags her tail and lowers her head closing her eyes in exhaustion. She doesn’t know yet, but her hell is over.
While our partner drives the remaining meters, he writes us a message.
-I have a new girl and her name is Fernanda hehe.
Our little stowaway is affected by sarcoptic mange, the most damaging of its variants. And we are already treating it to avoid complications. This variant can be fatal if it is not treated in time.
We leave you some photos of this beauty that has stolen our hearts from her look.
We need all the help possible to continue rescuing animals since we have many cases and the slightest support can make a difference.
Please collaborate with us.

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