Happy ending for Aby!

Just a short time ago we told you the sad story of Aby, returned by his family after a year. And today, we tell you a happy story (with a happy ending).

Mari Ángeles, adopted Bienvenida with us some years ago, but recently, Bienvenida passed away, and she contacted us to adopt again with us.

She was waiting to meet the possible candidates when she heard about Aby’s story and everything fell into place for Aby to be the new member of the family.

The same day we told her, Mari Angeles and her family packed their bags and arrived from Malaga to take Aby the next day.

They have already sent us photos of Aby running around the park, eating sweets, sleeping happily in her little bed and receiving lots of cuddles🥰.

Because they say that the important thing is not how you start, but how you finish, today again, we smile again for this new happy ending!

May you be very happy family! ❤

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