You never cease to amaze us. And you keep making us happy.
In the world of animal protection, we are unfortunately surrounded by sad news every day, but then there is you. Each and every one of you who contribute a grain of sand to make our world, the world of our dogs, and in general, a better world 🌍
This time, the chain of solidarity comes to us from Belgium by the hand of Galgo Save Belgium. A collaborating company donated feeders, beds and other objects, which they have sent us. Thanks to an appeal for help, hundreds of adoptive families donated coats that have been reused by our dogs. And also, thanks to the collaboration of three families, meters and meters of fabric have been bought and later they have been sewn by hand and transformed into new and warm coats that our little ones have already released!
A HUGE THANK YOU would be insufficient to thank each and every one of you for the HUGE HELP received.❤️

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