We do not need to tell you much about its evolution if you have seen the photos. Because in them, he not only appears recovered. Genaro has regained the will to live and is very happy! (The last photos are proof of it) This morning we found him like this, rolling happily on his bed, giving us his paw asking for pampering and really wanting to have fun! 😊
His wounds are healing, his hind leg bone is recovering, he walks with hardly any pain and adapting to his three little legs, and he always manages to get one of the best beds!
Gone was his sad past. Genaro begins to live. And if we see him that happy here, we don’t want to imagine how happy he will be when he begins his life in a new home where he is cared for as he truly deserves.
Although he is still not 100% recovered, we can say that we have won the battle! 💪

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