GOAL 3000

GOAL 3000
174 dogs in October
188 in November
25 of them hospital emergencies
Outstanding veterinary bills of thousands of euros.
And not a single grant …
Today we want to ask you for help. Because without your support, we cannot continue with our work, and with almost 600 dogs in our center, we need more help than ever …
For this we ask you to join our teaming group.
What is TEAMING? Teaming is an online platform that helps social projects by raising money through MICRO DONATIONS of just €1 PER MONTH. 1 single euro that between the sum of all, could become a HUGE HELP FOR US. We currently have 1,649 people in the group, and we have set ourselves the goal of reaching 3,000. Can you help us to achieve it?
Because together, we are stronger. Because together we will achieve much more.

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