Good luck little ones !! 🍀

Yesterday we said goodbye to 32 of our little ones. They headed to Belgium, France and Germany this time with Galgo Save Belgium, Levriers sans frontieres, Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V. and Galgovermittlung e.V.. It was an emotional farewell as between them we said goodbye to the cute little Sun, Dora, Pésaro and our precious Perlita completely recovered.
The FBM cycle is this: They leave and by doing so they leave us a huge hole. But in their place will come other dogs like them, who will need our help so that months later we can close the cycle again, sending them off in a truck to their new lives …
We will miss each and every one of you.
Good luck in your new lives.
It’s time to be happy !!! ☺️

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