Good trip to the rainbow, little girl … 🌈

Yesterday we told you that it was fading. Her journey to a better world had begun, and a little while ago Casilda reached her destination.
We were part of her trip, and we have accompanied her to her new destination, and that is the most important thing of all.
She has been pampered and pampered until her last breath.
She has been loved as she has never been before.
She, who for most of her life was considered only as an insignificant tool, for us has been the most valuable treasure of all.
Casilda deserved to get ahead and have a new opportunity, and we have tried that since she arrived, but she was very tired, and her strength was weak …
With great pain we had to accept that we could not do more than accompany her in her last days and always be with her.
They say that one of the greatest acts of love also consists of letting go of who we love, and this has been one of our greatest acts of love …
In a peaceful way, feeling the caresses of all of us who were with her, Casilda closed her little eyes forever.
Now, on the other side of the rainbow, Casilda has stopped suffering.
There her little legs are strong and she has no tremors.
There she runs like she hasn’t done it for a long time.
There she will never go hungry or in pain again.
There her life will be respected.
There, two wings have come out with which she will fly along with all those who are on the other side next to her.
Thank you for letting us say goodbye to you and give us these last days.
You have been very dear little one, and you leave us broken with your departure.
On the other side of the rainbow our precious Astrid awaits you. Tell her we did not forget her, and stay with her.
And so, when we look at the sky and see the biggest stars shining together, we will know that it is you, and that you take care of us from heaven …
Now take your flight
Have a good trip dear Casilda,
Rest in peace … 💔

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