We could not let the day go by without first congratulating and thanking this great woman for her tireless fight in defense of animals and especially greyhounds.
Many of you do not know her, Gisela is the founder of the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation.
Benjamin was the name of one of her dogs rescued by her sister. He touched her heart and named our foundation in his honor with his name. And no, Benjamin was not a greyhound.
Her story with the galgos begins after a trip to Spain with her sister. She was a volunteer at an animal shelter, where she came to the rescue of a greyhound. The greyhound, named Bianca, was positive for Leishmania, a disease little known at that momet, and her chances of being adopted were slim to none. Gisela adopted her, and it was then that, fascinated by how incredible she was and surprised by the reality of the greyhound in our country, she wanted to help them. Together with the help of their mother, they bought land where little by little they gave more and more room to greyhounds and other animals …
Today the Foundation has grown a lot, and Gisela continues with her wonderful work in defense of these animals. Its grain of sand is now a mountain. And thanks to her, and her involvement, today we have 22 associations with which we collaborate to find a family for each of our greyhounds.
We can never thank you enough for everything you do for us and especially for them.
We wish you all the best in your day, in your life, and that you continue to celebrate many more years with us and your beloved greyhounds!

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