Happy ending for LLuvia!

Lluvia arrived with a fracture in her paw a few months ago. She was operated, and amazingly, she recovered very quickly. Since then, she was several months waiting for her chance, and despite being a beautiful dog, super quiet and good, no one had asked for her… But then Patricia appeared and for Patricia, Lluvia was perfect. And if for Patricia, Lluvia was perfect, then for us, Patricia was her perfect adopter. And so it has been, and she has come all the way from Barcelona to take her home with her!

These are undoubtedly the stories that keep us going day by day.

Adding and adding more and more happy endings 😊

May you be very happy family! ❤

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Our little girl has not yet regained feeling in her paw, but it is still early days and we have to give her more time.

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