Happy ending for Preston

Many of you will remember Preston: he was the protagonist of one of the reports that our friends from Patas Arriba did for CanalSur Radio and Television with the aim of finding a family for him.

He was the only one of the three siblings who had not yet been adopted, so we decided to choose him and give him visibility, and thanks to this report, Aranzazu and Gonzalo met Preston and fell in love with him. When he was left alone and without his siblings, we managed his adoption as quickly as possible so that he could leave as soon as possible with his family, and so it was. Aranzazu and Gonzalo travelled from Malaga to pick up Preston and take him with them, and a week later we have already received several photos of Preston’s new life.

He has gone from living in a cage, to going for walks on the beach, to sleeping relaxed and without stress and to tasting the delicious menus that his parents prepare for him.

Our little guy finally has the life he deserves!

Thanks to his parents for adopting him.

And thanks once again to Patas Arriba for their wonderful programme, and for helping us once again to find a family for one of our little ones!

May you be very happy!🥰

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