His last wish…

His last wish…
Gori had an owner who loved her above all else. With few resources, he did whatever he could to make sure Gori lacked for nothing. His situation worsened to the point of losing his home, and as an alternative he was offered to stay in a shelter, but they would not allow him to keep Gori, so he gave up this help, and preferred to live on the street with her, rather than abandon her to her fate… Unfortunately, his owner died and he was left in the care of her partner who a few days later was also hospitalised, and then Gori was completely abandoned and her destiny was the kennel…
The neighbours who knew Gori well, knew the love that her owner had for her and could not allow Gori to end up like that after all… After a long and intensive search, they found her in the kennel and pulled all the strings to get Gori out of there and fulfil his owner’s last wish: that Gori would be adopted by a family that would love her and take care of her until the end of her days. And now, we want to do our part to respect and fulfil her will.
Her fostering will soon be over and we don’t want her to go back to a kennel, so she needs an urgent adoption!
Gori is a happy, affectionate and very active girl. We are told that she is a mix of greyhound and German Shepherd and that she is very intelligent and obedient. She is perfect for those families who like long walks, or as a companion for training and outdoor activities.
That was her last wish: a family for Gori. Let’s make sure that wherever he is, he can smile to see her start a happy new life.

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