Homes with a heart for hearts without a home

We don’t often talk about foster homes, but you don’t know how important they are in the lives of our dogs.

This is Silvi, she recently arrived at our centre as a grandmother, and we knew that the winter here was going to be hard for her….

On the other hand, we had Carmen, one of our volunteers who had previously been a foster home with us and who recently said goodbye to the dog she had fostered when she was adopted.

Carmen wanted to do it again, and Silvi needed a home, so Carmen instantly took Silvi with her. And Silvi has spent a warm winter knowing the warmth of a home, she has gone to the beach, she has discovered the sofa, and she has gone for long walks with Carmen. And Silvi and Carmen have a full heart 🥰.

Because if there’s one thing our foster homes know about, it’s that.

We always say that we look for homes with heart, for hearts without a home, and this time we have hit the nail on the head: these two hearts, together, have become even bigger ❤️

Thanks to Carmen and to all our foster homes always. 🫶🏼

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