“I don’t want him anymore, sacrifice him …”

These were the words of its owner.
Genaro belonged to a galguero and one fine day he disappeared. We do not know if he escaped or if he was robbed, but the truth is that he appeared a few days later in this state. His galguero went after him and took him to a veterinarian, but when they informed her of the magnitude of his injuries, he not only ignored him, but asked that they euthanize him.
Luckily, the veterinarian at that clinic knew one of our veterinarians personally and did not hesitate to contact him.
And we do not hesitate to welcome him.
He has an open fracture in his front leg, and in the back leg which is shattered too, he has a fractured tarsus.
This morning we took him to the trauma surgeon and he will soon be operated on. He probably loses one of his paws … 😢
We need you more than ever! Help us to continue saving lives … Collaborates with us,

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