In the darkness of his cage…

His name is Marley.

He is 6 years old and has been living in the darkness of his cage for more than a year.

He hardly ever leaves his kennel.

He hardly goes out into the yard.

And he avoids contact with people at all costs.

Imagine the past he had….

It’s no use being astonishingly beautiful, Marley is one of those dogs that nobody likes…

Because he is a clear challenge.

The most pure and absolute love and devotion for an animal, which is to help it without receiving anything in return. Without expecting it to give you back that love that is always returned with more than enough.

That it doesn’t come out to greet you when you get home, or lie at your feet on the sofa.

Marley even avoids eye contact, but if you can see in his eyes, without him looking away, you can see that his soul is completely broken.

And a broken soul needs a lot more than just good love….

It’s difficult, let’s not deny it. But that doesn’t mean we can stop trying.

Hopefully someone will bring him out of the darkness of his cage.

It’s about time he saw a bit of light…

If you live in another country and you want to adopt Marley, please consult the list of collaborating associations that make adoptions possible in other countries.

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