It has not been…

It has not been…
We knew that it was almost impossible,
But even with a single thread of hope we wanted to try…
Because He was only 6 months old,
because he was a puppy who had his whole life ahead of him,
And because an ending like this was unfair… 😞
It is not the first time that we have a case like this, and we have always fought to offer them the best possible quality of life. But Miko gave up from the moment a car hit him on the road. Since he arrived he has not wanted to eat anything, and he was immersed in an enormous sadness. His eyes implored rest, but giving up has never been our motto. However this morning the analytics confirmed something worse. His organs were also affected and a serious kidney failure has left us without options…
Our thread of hope was gone, and the future we had planned for him, far from pain and suffering, collapsed.
We only have the consolation of having given him in his last days, the purest love he would have ever known…
You already have your wings.
Fly little one, fly very high, above everything and everyone.
And be happy up there, in a world in which, without a doubt, you will be happier than in this one…
Your brief story is already part of our memory,
There you will always be remembered 🖤

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