Its said that the look is the language of the heart …

For this reason, Melocoton is one of those dogs that strikes a chord just by looking into its eyes … It transmits enormous sweetness. An overwhelming need to protect, pamper, cuddle and not let go …
But Melocoton also reflects in his eyes the sadness of the day that a bloody accident fractured his spine and he could never move his hind legs again. The fracture of his spine has left him bedridden for several months. And we have made every effort to regain the mobility of its legs, but sometimes things don’t always go the way we want … 😔
Part of his sadness was that he couldn’t make a normal life like other dog, and after all, we couldn’t afford that. Being already aware that Melocoton would never walk again, we could only offer him the best possible life within his limitations. We have found for him an adapted wheel chair with which we cannot see him happier every time he gets on it. We have never seen Melocoton run so eagerly and you do not know how happy is that for us!
Now Melocoton is ready to be adopted and we are looking for a family for him that is capable of understanding his needs and offering him the best possible quality of life.
Melocoton loves caresses, sweets and licking all over your face. He is curious and raises his ears with each new sound he hears. If you want something, you know how to ask for it. He is learning to use his “new legs” and sometimes runs with everything wherever he goes. Sometimes he loses his balance and tips over.
And whatever he does, we can’t stop smiling when we see him …
His gaze has known how to speak the best language of all … ❤
Would you like to adopt Melocoton and do you think you can give her all the care she needs?
• ADOPT: fill in and send the adoption form on our website ⬇️⬇️

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