Our little men is getting better by the day. He feels more and more confident and comes out to see us and greet us when he sees us arrive. He shares a cage with two precious and adorable little dogs, and together they make a very loving team 🥰 (A bib for us, please)
The condition of his skin is also improving little by little, and although his dermatitis is chronic, we are trying to recover it as much as possible.
Juanin is an endearing old man. One of those who touches a nerve, capable of softening the hardest of hearts …
And after a life of misery, now we have him between silk, like a king.
And it’s not just that he doesn’t deserve less, it’s that he absolutely deserves all the best. ❤

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Our little girl has not yet regained feeling in her paw, but it is still early days and we have to give her more time.

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