“La vie est belle”

This week we have doubly laid off some of our dogs.
Last Thursday we had the first of the trips. Lévriers sans Frontières found a home for 20 of our dogs, and we embarked them on a journey to their new lives. Emotion and feelings to the surface, as among the travelers were some of our most pampered boys. We said goodbye to cute little Inouka, Hermine, Margaret, and Lollipop. And also to Haya, the dog who arrived with her ear amputated, and to our dear Francis, the most loving and kind little bit in the world, to whom we had to amputate her little leg after many efforts to save her. This little boy stole our hearts from all of us and his departure leaves us sad, but it will reward us to see him being happy in his new life. You deserve all the best little one. You all deserve the life that you are beginning to know. The cycle is closing, and in your place others will come to whom we will recover and we will take care of giving them the life that you are finally getting to know. We are going to miss you very much.
Thanks to the families who make it possible. Take care of them a lot, because each one of them carries a piece of our heart ❤
Merci Levriers sans frontieres!

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