Lauren and Astrid.

Past and present of FBM.
Lauren’s story is the foundation’s history. Like the entire team, he turned to the recovery of one of our most charismatic and beloved dogs …
He arrived more dead than alive, and after a titanic effort to get him out, the miracle happened. Because not only did we manage to stabilize him, but Lauren also defied all odds and managed to get up and walk.
And with Astrid, history repeats itself.
Today Lauren lives tremendously happy adopted in Italy through Insieme per FBM Odv. We changed his life, like that of so many others adopted through this wonderful Italian team. And they thank us and give back in spades. This week, Insieme per FBM Odv has donated a large amount to us with which we will continue to rehabilitate Astrid and the rest of our hospital patients so that they end up having the same luck as Lauren.
Wonderful chain of favors. Wonderful cycle that is generated around FBM.
Insieme per Lauren.
Insieme per Astrid.
Insieme per FBM ❤

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