Learning to say goodbye…

A few days ago, we told you that 3 of our little ones had taken a bad turn for the worse. One of them is Nube, a sweet grandma who despite all our efforts doesn’t seem to be getting better… 😔 In the last few days she has been getting worse and today, we have seen her really bad…. Those of you who know us know that we don’t throw in the towel, that we exhaust all possible options, but sometimes not even all the efforts, not even all the kisses, not even all the caresses are enough for a miracle to happen. What we have seen today has saddened us a lot and we don’t know if he is going to give up from one moment to the next, or if, on the contrary, we might have to help him to leave. Thousands of dogs have passed through our hands, even so, one never learns to say goodbye…. Don’t go precious, although short, you have a wonderful life ahead of you. You deserve it. Please don’t give up….

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Our little girl has not yet regained feeling in her paw, but it is still early days and we have to give her more time.

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